About Us

Company History

FSA Network, Inc. today is the result of visionary leadership through the years. You can trace the origin of FSA Network back to 1978 when it was founded as A&F Transportation Company.

A & F Transportation Co. was established and incorporated in 1978 in Portland, OR as an owner operated company using one truck to do home deliveries for J.C. Penny. The company grew to several trucks in Portland with other home delivery customers, and then expanded with a major retailer to the cities of Seattle, Denver and San Diego.

In January 1989 Charles R. Annett, joined the company as Vice President with a minority interest. In July 1989 he was elected President and became 50% owner. In September of 1990 Mr. Annett purchased the remaining 50% of the company.

In January of 2001 A&F Transportation Co. was merged into FSA Network, Inc. along with three other sister companies that had been created between 1989 and 2001.

The FSA Network of companies now have been operating since 1989 under the current management providing traditional “last mile” fulfillment services. The company leadership has been and continues to be successful in developing long-term business relationships with client companies, which include some of the largest retailers in the country and service areas that now cover multiple geographic regions.

FSA Network has also succeeded in establishing brand name recognition and a superior operating reputation within the industries they serve. The company currently operates locations coast to coast.


FSA Network has assembled an outstanding leadership team to steer the company’s growth. Through organic growth, the FSA leadership team operates the enterprise with precision and integrity.


Charles R. Annett, Founder and CEO

The team is led by the company founder, President and CEO, Charlie Annett.  The senior management group is well seasoned with decades of experience in the transportation, logistics and home delivery business.  Collectively, the top 6 managers of FSA network have over 150 years of logistics and customer service experience.

Good Citizens

Every year FSA Network associates volunteer services in and around the communities where they have business. Often times client retailers invite FSA Network managers and employees to contribute to building better communities through volunteer work and financial contributions.